ICI-ALERT: Your Business Ally for Proactive Decisions

Experience the power of ICI-ALERT, the application that elevates business surveillance to a new level. Skillfully connecting to various systems through SQL, ICI-ALERT assesses and alerts on critical situations that may impact your operation, providing you with the agility needed to take proactive measures.

  • Strategic Connectivity:

    ICI-ALERT connects directly to different systems via SQL, allowing you to retrieve information, assess, and alert on various critical situations in real-time. Break down barriers between systems and gain a comprehensive view of your operation.

  • Flexibility:

    From stock shortages to upcoming procedure deadlines and unmet goals, ICI-ALERT keeps a vigilant eye on a variety of situations. Its evaluation capabilities enable an agile response to operational and strategic challenges.

  • Automatic Cross-Referencing

    ICI-ALERT goes beyond simple alerts by allowing the retrieval of values from different systems. This enables automatic cross-referencing, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the business situation.

  • Scheduled Execution:

    Plan your surveillance with ICI-ALERT. Alert execution can be scheduled, ensuring that each check has the relevant frequency. Keep your company protected and proactive by anticipating potential challenges before they affect your operations.

ICI-ALERT not only detects problems; it anticipates solutions. From inventory management to goal fulfillment, ICI-ALERT is your ally for proactive decisions.