S1GA - Convergent Billing

Optimize the financial heart of your company with S1GA Billing, the solution that transforms billing into a fast, organized experience that is completely adaptable to your needs. Stand out in the business world with total control over your financial processes and unparalleled customer management.

  • Efficiency in Billing:

    Execute your company's billing in an agile and efficient manner, saving time and resources.

  • Customer Segmentation:

    Define customized billing rules by segmenting your customers, adapting to different profiles and needs.

  • Overdue Control:

    Establish payment rules to maintain strict control over overdue accounts, ensuring the financial health of your company.

  • Customer Documents:

    Centrally manage your customer documents, from invoices to credit and debit notes.

  • Customer Ledger:

    Keep a detailed track of transactions with the customer ledger.

  • Customized Billing Cycles:

    Establish billing cycles with flexible execution and due dates, adapting to your company's needs.

  • Monthly Billing by Cycles:

    Simplify billing with monthly options per cycle, ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated process.

  • Multi-Company:

    Manage multiple companies in an integrated manner, maintaining centralized and efficient control.

  • Multi-Currency:

    Conduct transactions in different currencies with ease, adapting to a global market.

  • Versatile Collection:

    Manage collections from banks, cards, payment agencies, and other means with our comprehensive collection system.

  • Advanced Overdue Management:

    Control overdue accounts by product, perform partial cuts, and execute recovery campaigns effectively.

  • Integration with CRM:

    Synchronize collection management with your CRM, maximizing efficiency in the process.

  • Collectors and Personalized Collection:

    Assign collectors and manage collections in a personalized way for optimal customer service.

  • Custom Printing:

    Print invoices internally or externally, with sorting criteria that adapt to your preferences.

  • Means of Distribution and Delivery:

    Use different means for the distribution and delivery of documents, ensuring efficient delivery.

  • Online Payments:

    Offer your customers the convenience of making secure and fast payments online.

S1GA Billing is the key to optimized financial management and an unparalleled billing experience. Empower your company with the solution that allows you to stand out in a competitive market.