S1GA - Campaigns

The Campaigns Module aims to facilitate the sending of notifications to specific customer segments, using multi-media channels and allowing detailed message configuration through customizable templates and TAGs. On the other hand, the Automatic Campaigns Module seeks to automate cyclical notification processes, allowing the scheduling of selection rules, messages, and delivery methods.

  • Flexible Configuration:

    Allows the configuration of multi-media messages, with options for customizable media, templates, and TAGs to maximize the effectiveness of notifications.

  • Efficient Automation:

    The Automatic Campaigns Module enables the automation of cyclical processes, with the definition of selection rules, messages, and delivery methods through scripts, simplifying repetitive campaigns.

  • Intuitive Access:

    Allows any user, without the need for framework knowledge, to create manual campaigns or schedule automatic campaigns for future delivery, offering versatility and accessibility.

  • Variety of Formats:

    Uses a repository for templates that can be in formats such as JSON, HTML, XML, or plain text, and offers message customization at runtime through TAGs.

  • Advanced Segmentation:

    Facilitates the creation of customer lists based on criteria and personalized segmentation to effectively direct campaigns.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring:

    Campaigns, both manual and automatic, can be monitored using integrated tools, providing detailed and useful information for evaluation.

Discover an efficient and versatile way to carry out your notification campaigns. From manual creation to automatic scheduling, our module offers intuitive access, flexible configuration, and a variety of formats to customize your messages. Simplify the process with a single click to activate or deactivate campaigns, and configure new automatic campaigns in just two steps. Monitor the success of your campaigns with ease. Optimize your communications with our Campaigns Module!