S1GA - Centralized CRM

Simplify and elevate your customer interactions with S1GA Centralized CRM, a comprehensive solution that consolidates relationship management across multiple channels. From monitoring the call center to coordinating operations, this CRM redefines efficiency, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: customer satisfaction and business growth.

  • Multi-contact Channels:

    Manage interactions through various channels, from social networks and chat to email and text messages.

  • Advanced Call Center Monitoring:

    Visualize response times, reasons, and agents for informed and efficient decision-making.

  • Smart Marketing:

    Perform customer segmentation based on calculated data for effective marketing campaigns.

  • Effective Delinquency Management:

    Manage delinquency with a payment promise schedule and Workflow adapted to different delinquency stages.

  • Operations Coordination:

    Centralize all operations, from sales and services to billing and distribution, for seamless management.

  • Integrated Predictive Dialer:

    Optimize customer service with an integrated dialer with PBX that allows direct dialing from the platform.

  • Automated Multi-channel Notification:

    Keep your customers informed with automatic notifications via email, SMS, social media, and invoice messages.

  • Dynamic Campaign System:

    Create, analyze, and adjust campaigns with ease, assigning them to users and groups, and tracking progress graphically.

  • Interface with PBX Phone System:

    Effortlessly integrate your CRM with the phone system for smooth and uninterrupted communication.

  • Campaign Analysis and Tracking:

    Evaluate the performance of your campaigns, conduct progress analysis, and adapt strategies based on the results obtained.

  • Intelligent Segmentation:

    Personalize your campaigns with detailed segmentation that ensures an effective impact on your audience.

S1GA Centralized CRM is not just a tool; it is your strategic partner to cultivate strong relationships with your customers and boost your business growth. Transform every interaction into an opportunity with our advanced, customer-centric CRM.