ICI-DOC: Dynamic Solution for Efficient Documentation

Discover the revolutionary tool ICI-DOC, designed to transform document generation into a dynamic and efficient process. With the unique ability to implement new controls without modifying existing systems, ICI-DOC provides flexibility and agility in document management, from creation to final customer acceptance.

  • Dynamic Document Generation:

    ICI-DOC allows dynamic document generation, enabling the implementation of new controls without the need to modify existing systems. Easily adapt your documentation to the changing needs of your organization.

  • Efficient State Management:

    Documents in ICI-DOC go through various states until final acceptance by the customer. From creation to digital handwritten signature or acceptance via email, ICI-DOC efficiently manages each phase.

  • Aesthetic Flexibility:

    Powered by HTML/CSS templates, ICI-DOC offers total aesthetic flexibility in generated documents. Customize the appearance of your documents to reflect the identity of your organization. Once the management is complete, documents are automatically converted to PDF for secure storage.

  • Complete Document Trail:

    Accepting documents via email not only simplifies the process but also creates a complete trail of the document's life. From creation to acceptance and storage, each step is recorded for total transparency.

  • Configurable Handwritten Signature:

    ICI-DOC offers a complete solution for handwritten signatures. Configure the number of required signatures and the document region where they should be placed. Ensure the authenticity and validity of your documents with an intuitive and secure signing process.

  • Sustainability and Resource Savings:

    The dynamic implementation of processes not only streamlines your workflow but also contributes to responsible resource consumption. ICI-DOC promotes sustainability by reducing paper usage and associated costs, providing not only flexibility in process implementation but also significant resource savings.

ICI-DOC not only simplifies documentation; it redefines how your organization manages and adapts its processes. From generation to acceptance, ICI-DOC is your ally for efficient and uncomplicated documentation.