ICI-EVAL: Transforming Rules into Dynamic Decisions

Discover the power of ICI-EVAL, the evaluation engine that redefines how businesses make real-time decisions. With the unique ability to define business rules on the fly, ICI-EVAL is an excellent tool for flexible and precise decision-making.

  • Customized Evaluations:

    ICI-EVAL offers unparalleled versatility by allowing the definition of various types of evaluations. With the ability to contain multiple weighting rules, this tool adapts to a wide range of scenarios, from simple processes, such as HR license approval, to more complex operations, such as credit product approval.

  • Integration:

    It seamlessly integrates with other systems through APIs, creating a seamless flow of data. ICI-EVAL receives a set of data, performs real-time evaluations, and returns detailed results rule by rule. Break technological barriers and connect your company efficiently.

  • Result Generation:

    ICI-EVAL goes beyond providing results. Optionally, it creates detailed PDF files that encapsulate the operation's outcome, providing a clear and concise view. Additionally, it maintains a historical record of each evaluation, offering complete traceability.

  • Unlimited Flexibility:

    The true strength of ICI-EVAL lies in its flexibility. Each evaluation is a dynamic set of rules, and each rule holds a unique value if fulfilled.

ICI-EVAL doesn't just evaluate data; it transforms rules into decisions. From automating simple processes to managing complex financial operations, ICI-EVAL is your ally for agile decisions. Break the barriers of static decision-making.