S1GA - Product Manager

Set the course of your business strategy with S1GA-Product Manager, a powerful tool that allows you to comprehensively manage relationships and dependencies between products and customers, both technically and commercially. Designed to optimize product and contract management, the Product Manager offers a complete solution to drive your business success.

  • Product Definition and Integration:

    Allows the definition of different products and their integration with affiliates. Establish contractual relationships and define billing application parameters intuitively.

  • Relationships and Dependencies:

    Define relationships and dependencies between products on both technical and commercial levels. Create combinations, bundles, commercial plans, and more.

  • Customized Link Interface:

    The Product Manager supports the link interface for technical definition according to the type of service or business (Pay-TV, Data, telephony, etc).

  • Product Definition and Management:

    Efficiently manage products for marketing. Adapt commercial policies according to market needs.

  • Flexible Contracts:

    Different contractual relationship schemes with clients in the dimension of time. Application of promotions, bundles, and discounts for personalized offers.

  • Comprehensive Registration and Management:

    Register clients with detailed information, service location, and billing data. Efficiently manage contracts, commercial guidelines, promotions, and bundles.

  • Sales Management:

    Establish pre-sales policies with clear guidelines and requirements. Manage contracts provided by third parties on account and order.

  • Service and Customer Management:

    Define policies for delinquency, service cutoff, and restoration. Record additional customer and contract data.

  • Comprehensive Documentation:

    Record digitized documents and pre-sale conditions. Manage customer documentation, including photos and document scans.

  • Sales Force and Payments:

    Manage sales channels and sales force management system. Handle initial payments, additional payments, and discounts conditional on business rules.

Optimize your business strategy with S1GA-Product Manager, a tool designed to enhance operational efficiency and take your business to the next level.