S1GA - Provisioning

Discover innovation with S1GA Provisioning, the solution designed to enhance the integration and interaction of SIGA with subsystems and technology providers. From connectors with telephony systems to interaction with banks and external ERP systems, our Provisioning redefines efficiency in technology management, providing you with total control over your operations.

  • Versatile Integration:

    Designed to integrate with subsystems through web services and various communication mechanisms.

  • Connector with PBX Systems:

    Seamless integration with PBX systems for efficient communication management.

  • Automation with IVR and CTI:

    Automation of calls and processes with IVR, and automatic creation of contacts with CTI.

  • Predictive Dialer:

    Optimize call management with an integrated predictive dialer.

  • Multi-Channel Connectivity:

    Interaction with websites, SMS, interactive TV, messages to digital boxes, and redirects to captive portals.

  • Connection with External Systems:

    Facilitates online invoice collection by connecting with banks, cards, collection agencies, and others.

  • Integration with Offline Payments:

    Connector for integration with offline payments, adapting to different transaction modalities.

  • Connection with GPS Fleet Control Systems:

    Effective monitoring with connectors to GPS fleet control systems.

  • Home Operations Report System:

    Connection with home operations reporting systems via PDA, phones with email, and SMS telephony.

  • Email Sending Connector:

    Facilitates efficient and automated email sending.

  • HomePack:

    Comprehensive solution for complete and efficient management of home operations.

S1GA Provisioning not only integrates but revolutionizes the way your company manages technology. From telephony to online billing, it provides unparalleled connectivity for total control over your operations. Discover a new era of efficiency with our advanced and versatile Provisioning.