ICI Query: Transforming Data into Decisions

Unlock your company's potential with ICI Query, an innovative tool that goes beyond simple reporting. With the unique ability to connect to external databases, ICI Query stands as a multi-database system, allowing you to extract crucial information from multiple external systems and centralize business intelligence in an unprecedented way.

  • Powerful Connectivity:

    ICI Query goes beyond conventional limits by connecting to external databases and efficiently extracting information. It breaks down barriers between systems, achieving complete centralization of business reporting.

  • Versatile Data Presentation:

    The extracted information comes to life in various ways. From flat outputs to detailed reports, dynamic dashboards, and pivot tables, ICI Query offers a variety of options to present data, adapting to the specific needs of each user.

  • Customized Access:

    Empower your users with a comprehensive reporting catalog. Configured filters allow users to request relevant information before execution, ensuring that each query is personalized and effective.

  • Access Management:

    ICI Query puts total control in your hands. Define access levels for your users, allowing them to execute, view, delete, and share executions with other system users. Ensure data security while fostering collaboration.

  • Modular Exploration:

    Explore the different modules of ICI Query, each designed to provide specific functionalities. From executing and visualizing queries to sharing detailed reports, each module is explained in detail, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the tool's capabilities.

With ICI Query, you don't just transform data into information; you transform information into strategic decisions. Break the barriers of traditional reporting and step into a new era of unified business intelligence with ICI Query.