S1GA - Workflow

Our innovative workflow system redefines operational efficiency by providing a versatile platform for the execution of individual or collaborative tasks. From the simple configuration of stages to the automation of actions and file management, our product offers a comprehensive solution for any type of activity. With the ability to condition the transition between stages based on specific parameters, it provides precise control and complete logging, setting a new standard for process management.

  • Versatile Stage Configuration:

    Set and customize the stages of your workflows, defining who can access them, in which states, and with what permissions.

  • Automatic and Manual Actions:

    Configure automatic or manual actions at each stage, ensuring an efficient flow and allowing dependencies between actions for precise execution.

  • Mandatory Digital Forms:

    Create customizable digital forms that may be mandatory to progress in the flow, ensuring the collection of essential information at each stage.

  • Shared File Repositories:

    Use file repositories to upload and share documents between stages, facilitating collaboration and providing a complete record of progress.

  • Detailed Workflow Logging:

    Generate detailed logs that offer a complete view of each task, including who is working at each stage, activity times, and relevant observations.

  • Intuitive Workspace:

    The user-friendly interface features a clock with available time, detailed comments, modification history, and a clear view of actions required to progress.

  • Scalable Flexibility:

    Suitable for both individual tasks and complex workflows involving multiple users and groups, offering limitless flexibility.

  • Quick and Efficient Response:

    Optimize response times in task execution, even in workflows with multiple stages, ensuring agile and delay-free management.

  • Intelligent Automation and Conditions:

    Automate actions at each stage and condition the transition between stages based on specific parameters, providing precise control and customized execution.

  • SLA, Order, and Real-time Tracking:

    Establish and monitor service level agreements (SLA), maintaining order and real-time tracking for effective process management.

  • Comprehensive Reporting:

    Obtain detailed reports based on the information loaded in each record and work times, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Welcome to the future of productivity with our workflow system. From rapid workflow generation to automation and real-time tracking, you'll experience improved response times, detailed logs, and adaptability for individual or large-scale projects. Discover intelligent automation, effortless order, and effective management with our workflow system. Simplify, Optimize, Advance! Your journey to operational excellence starts here.